Lars Kolstad

Born in Lillehammer, Norway 1964. I live in Bergen, Norway. Married to Beda. We have 3 boys.

I showed early interest in drumming. Played drumkit from early on. Started playing djembe and other percussion in music classes at the Teachers' college.

Taught Rhythmical Music for ten years in a waldorf school, grades 1-10.

Attended first VMC Playshop with Arthur Hull in Oslo, 2003.

Quit working as a teacher and started up TROM (DRUM) in 2004, full time.

Since then, I have been doing drumcircles in schools, kindergartens, well-elderly institutions, hospitals, companies, community gatherings, with refugees/immigrants, mentally retarded, people with other handicaps, as well as teaching at the Teachers' college in "musical leadership and interplay". I have specialized in teaching drums and rhythmic interplay with toddlers and infants, and has so far worked with more than 100 kindergartens.

I have also toured with my own show "Trommelars og rytmen som forsvant" (DrummingLars and the rhythm that disappeared) in a liberary boat visiting all the islands and fjords of the west coast of Norway.

Every week for 12 years, in Fana Kulturhus, I have gathered a regular monday drumming group, which is a drop-in invitation to adults ranging from beginners to pros.

Over the same period, in the same venue, I have invited parents and kids to "Family drum circle" one saturday every month. 

And all of this goes on. I am truly blessed!

Now when my own kids have started to grow up, I have taken up the joy of playing the drum kit again, and with good friends I have founded a Steely Dan tribute band; Stanley Dee.