Katy Gaughan

Katy's Bio

Katy Gaughan is a drummer and drum circle facilitator whose mission is to bring people together to experience the positive vibrations of the drum. Through her organization Drumming for Wellness, Katy facilitates group drumming experiences for wellness, community building and celebration.

Katy has been leading drum circles in the Washington, DC area for the past 15 years, most notably the Washington National Cathedral drum circle that went viral was seen by 400,000 people. Katy provides drum circles for schools, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, churches, non-profit organizations, birthday parties, team-building events, community festivals and celebrations and works with kids, adults, seniors, and special needs populations. She has also learned how to provide drum circles virtually on Zoom!

Katy also leads weekend and day-long retreats that incorporate wellness, rhythm, drumming, spirituality and nature.

Katy was trained by Arthur Hull and is now a certified global drum circle facilitator trainer with Village Music Circles. Katy is also a graduate of Remo Health Rhythms and Rhythm to Recovery Trainings and is a member of the Drum Circle Facilitator’s Guid.

Katy's Story

The first time I experienced a facilitated drum circle I had an "A-HA!" moment. It was around 2000. I went to a drum circle in Baltimore, MD and saw Jaqui MacMillan and Jonathan Murray facilitate a drum circle. I had been to a bunch of drum circles before that and while they were powerful, they tended to flare up with intense energy and then peter out. This drum circle was different! The drums locked in a cohesive way that allowed the rhythms to sustain and music to appear. Whoah! The new ingredient was the drum circle facilitator who helped hold it all together and guide the group to make music ... and magic!

The "A-HA!" was knowing that THIS was what I was supposed to do with my life. It was the perfect fit and I knew it in my bones that this was my vocation.

Knowing it was my vocation and actually living my vocation took 15 years. There wasn't a playbook or a degree program to help me learn how to be a drum circle facilitator. However, I was extremely fortunate to have many seasoned mentors in my area who taught me so much: Jaqui MacMillan, Jonathan Murray, Ken Crampton & Nellie Hill. Hey - they are the founders of DCFG! Yes, they were all near by and I learned from their programs, drum circles and classes. Once I trained with Arthur Hull in 2003, I started offering community drum circles and have never stopped: I LOVE FACILITATING DRUM CIRCLES!

My love for facilitating drum circles and witnessing its positive impact over and over again inspired me to become a Certified Drum Circle Facilitator. From age 0-99, drumming together helps us connect, communicate and celebrate. All populations benefit from the healing vibrations of the drum. Its ancient technology is helping us in new ways to express ourselves and heal old wounds.

I want to be grounded in the technique, intention and application of dcf skills as a VMC Facilitator because I resonate and am in alignment with VMC's mission and vision. I have learned so much in my VMC trainings that apply way beyond the drum circle: radar, GOOW, small successes, triplicities, service, mission -- all of it has helped me become a better drum circle facilitator and human being.

I am honored to bring this much needed work - and play! - into the world, especially now, when connection, communication and celebration is needed more than ever.